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Douglas DC3

Giclee print (unframed)
Edition size 50
Printed on Somerset Satin 330 gsm paper with
light-fast archival quality inks

Print size A3

Image size 250mm x 335mm

Numbered and signed by the artist


  • A limited edition graphic art print featuring the iconic Douglas DC3

    The DC3 made its first flight in 1935, and soon became the most popular airliner in the world. Swissair was one of the first airlines to acquire the DC3, and it played a vital role in the airline's expansion in the post-war years. The DC3 was used to fly both passenger and cargo services, and its reliability and versatility made it a valuable asset to the airline.
    Swissair retired its last DC3 from scheduled service in 1964, but the aircraft continued to be used for charter and other purposes for many years afterwards. Today, there are only a handful of Swissair DC3s still flying, but they remain popular with aviation enthusiasts and continue to be a symbol of the airline's rich history.

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